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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Words & Sentences !

There is a small ongoing struggle between Sentences and Words . Sentence tells words that they are bigger and they encompasses them .Words replies "well no one cares for sentences in this fast paced world ". Sentence says it still wins booker prizes.Words say it is the words in them that made it so good . Sentence says even in this blog it has been wining .No .Not anymore .Hi .Whaasup .Hows u ?Nobad. moving on . Dear sentence .chilax.Amazing . Fantabulsatic . Jus guestimating. FYI use of words win.why care about the spellcheck .msg xmitted.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bengaluroo !
....Needless to say , the new smart kid of the world , Bangalore , the city i love , is going to change its name at the stroke of the midnight . Ofcourse it is not going to change many things , ofcouse may sound but different with people who are not so aware of Kannada .

I amagine how strong is the influence of politics and how much does it affect eveyone . Bengaluroo is going to be the same fast moving IT strong boy , the same slow moving traffic ,filled with the same helpful poeple .

May god bless Namma uroo Bengaluroo !

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tired !
That i am ...sometimes i believe that people keep on building up a perception and that never changes ...the way some people come to me saying how come you hav not done your MBA (as if i am a big time farm dog to chase the herd ) ! How come You are still in India ( I thot u were here for a vaccation) , how come you are not married (as if i am not able to score anymore goals ) , whom are u seeing these days ( as if i am a salman khan ) ....
Come on ...give me a break ...Why is that if somethings prevails so commonly has to be really worn by everyone . Why is it not that sometimes we just can't leave the gerneralisation aside and give a thought to individualism ? Maybe people have a tendency to move towards orderliness , towards a symmetry , to toe a common line .....and they try to see certain defection from this order as thier utmost right to chasten it .

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I used to have lots of them in my school and college days . I still remember boring my friends with my self proclaimed "Best Seller Dreams " that I used to get almost everynight .I somehow managed to remember them and could narrate most of it ...ofcourse with few additions here and there . i also used to tell that i will write a book on my dreams as they can become a nice short stories .

I once saw that i was plotting to kill the PM and was almost shivered at the depth at which i could think of details in the planning . Then i remember a quite repetitive dream of Huge stones falling on me and i running for cover .Sometimes it would be too funny and hilarious that i almost enjoyed and wished that the dream would come again the next night .Once i saw that i have multiple dreams and i have a remote control and i am changing one dream to another !

I used to think that 6-8 Hrs that we sleep is just a waste without dreams coming in . Whole 24 Hours should be divided in such a way that it should be productive , entertaining and useful . Sleep is needed and why not have some interesting dreams in it .

Traditionalists would say that to have a baby like sleep one should not have any dreams . Well , do Babies get dreams ? Maybe they cannot express it or on the funnier side cannot blog it .

Nowadays , i rarely get those dreams . Either, on the positive side , i am having too much entertainment already or am too tired to get one . Or is it that there are no Good friends around for to tell them .....

One small dream that i remember from recent past was that my Car turning into a bull dozer and ravaging through all the vehicles in the traffic .Possibly it is the latent stress which i refuse to show is coming out .

Maybe one day i will be able to post them on a regular basis ...maybe it will be a help to many dream analyzers around the world and to all the funny dreamers !

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Time to Write...

...And there is nothing really happening ! No big scam No Big Protests ...i wonder how are these NEWS channels living ? Aren't they getting choked to death as there isn't so bad things happening ?

Mr Singh(s) mole faux pas and oil-for-food is not going to rock anything as they were not someone whom aam admi can always relate to . Neither Israeli Assault on Lebanese soil is arousing much needed protests ! Maybe becuase of the inert sympathies which is divided on religio-politico lines .

Mumbai blasts have been a major setback and cause for Indians to think that they are not capable of hitting back . I disapprove that feeling . I think the story has shown spirit of Mumbai -altough i sometimes think if we are getting used to such incidents .The spirit would be there anywhere in the world ! after all the blood flowing si of the common man .

Being born and bought up in a terrorist affected area , i have a habit of looking under the buses , trains and sometimes even flight seats for possible bombs . Not sure how many Indians are doing that other than people from J&k , NE and maybe previously Punjab .Maybe we are too used to living in a disturbed area that these may seem a daily routine .

I wonder , the people who live for a cause which culminates in taking hundreds of lives , how they survive . How can their psyche allow them to do such things . My understanding of Hindu Karma theory is that we do good and we reach one step more towards Nirvana . If we do good we climb down a step and so on. Then if a person is doing good and he is killed , then his progress towards karma is stopped and the killer loses all his good and climbs down further .Then will it be like if he kills 100 people then he has to take 100 re-births even before he can even accumulate his good deeds ? Maybe there is an answer and so will be a time for realisation .

Friday, June 02, 2006

Protest Reservation ...
One should not be reserved after all :-) ..well not to make a light of the serious issue ...However Reservation in India is something which became a neccesity maybe due to serious social conscoiusness or as a penance of Higher Caste Politicians of 50s or by sheer political motive .

Reservation is here to Stay ! ........Read on ..i have not subscribed to it yet !

I believe that some may have been genuinely benefitted from reservation ...and i know some may have been devasted . I also believe that everyone can perform to a certain level given an oppurtunity . However some may have been snatched the oppurtunity itself even though he or she was good .

Now what i don't believe is the utopian correctness of theory of reservation on the basis of caste alone . Since reservation is done for upliftment of socially backward section ...that means according to statistics which Govt has , lower caste people are the poorest .

Now , this also means that those who have been given reservation in 50s are also poor now ! This is not true as they would have surely have a life which is better and they need not really need a reservation as they have already been uplifted .What is happening now is that even this community of Uplifted lower caste will have the piece of bread where they can themselves get the pie .

In this country where hardly few businessman pay taxes to their correct income , we cannot even do reservation on the basis of income ! As a socialist country it will be a failure if a rich businessman is paying nothing for his ward and getting the seat which could have gone to someone who really needs that concession .

So , the policy should be such that there should be check on the economical capabilty of the predecessor of the ward to really make him or her eligible for the seat . it is something which maybe in combination of caste since statistics do show that majority in the country who are poor are from lower caste . This policy will amalgamate all section of the society who will really need reservation .After all in a socialist country we have to bring everyone at par .A socio-economic angle is important in this sensitive issue which is almost divinding the country .

Saturday, May 06, 2006

...It says
'You are connected to 17,760,331 people through 126 friends.'

Well i do have 126 friends and i do write open public scraps (or craps ) for them ...and it can be viewed by 17,760,331+n folks ! This is amazing considering it impressively supercedes the Consitutional Article 100 - the Right to Information ...ofcourse the information may not be so clandestine .

How is that the orkut community is so much ready to divulge minutest details ? To present to the world from their bits and bytes of thier life .Amazing to note is that we almost live in internet now .A Blog too is such a tool of self-liberalisation.

In last few years scraping is up much is something written for someone in public is so easily acceptable , ofcourse there will be a degree of divulgement . Isn't it making us more honest or is it making us more superficial ?

When i started learning Computers i used to hear a Letter is 1000 times better than E-mail . Now i get 1000 E-mails and 1 mail . I don't know how maths is reversed here .

Maybe this is how we will continue to live and connect with infinite people living as 1 and 0 .

Keep Scrapping ..keep blogging ...u are are a Netizians now !